Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christine Kuo is willing to Undress for a Million Dollars

Last night, the Sergeant Tabloid cast including Niki Chow, Michael Tse, Matthew Kwo and William Chak, along with Oscar Leung and Christine Kuo were recording for two separate episodes on TVB's game show Minute to Win It. Oscar and Christine were teamed up and flirted the whole way like a real couple. However, when Oscar successfully got through the Card Ninja challenge, he excitedly charged over to Christine trying to give her a hug, but she immediately bounced back in embarrassment.

Before the show, Christine expressed she practiced the challenges beforehand. She wants to win the HK$1 million and share it with the workers, but Oscar said her in dreams. Results, they failed after the 7th challenge and each got HK$50,000. Oscar joked if Christine have had dressed sexier, then he'll have more concentration and a better chance to win. He suggested Christine to take off a piece of clothing every time they advance. Unfortunately Christine just agreed to wear a bikini for the HK$1 million challenge.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Tabloid's cast were recording for another episode. Michael Tse and Niki Chow were leading two separate teams. Niki's team was the ultimate winner with a score fo 40 points to 37 points. The two team leaders were just good at engaging in a war of words, but during the actual games, they were really clumsy. Matthew and William were doing the How's It Hangin' challenge, they were all telling flavorful jokes. When they had the banana hanging between their thighs, Michael teased Matthew: "You don't brush your teeth every morning after you get out of bed just to practice this challenge." Each time William tried swing the banana to guide the orange, he would let out a roar sound, which got the host Hacken Lee teasing him: "I love how you let out that shout when exercising power. It's like the tennis player Sharapova, are you usually like this?" Matthew added: "So anxious, I'm competing with William on TV to see who has a better banana." Hacken encouraged him to yell loudly, joking that if he holds it all in, it will hurt him. He has to let it all out.

Sergeant Tabloid's ratings have been doing quite well, peaking at 31 points. Michael joked Niki just depended on her snot from the premiere episode, that scene where she cried so pitifully. The two hoped the entire series will average at 30 points or more, so TVB Chairman Norman Leung can host a celebration dinner. Michael disclosed there are even more sensitive topics in the HK version of the series, clearly to show what the current events are. The cases are stories everyone faces in their daily lives, but there are no religious topics involved.


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