Sunday, March 24, 2013

Him Law Defends Current & Former Lovers: "Just Because They Love Beauty"

Since 28 year old Theresa Fu exposed her ex-boyfriend Him Law beat her back in 2011, she had been frozen by her company for some time and spent the majority of the year in Mainland. Theresa loves to play, she often shares pictures on Weibo with her fans, and it can be clearly seen that her physical appearance has changed significantly. Over the years, Theresa is looking more and more different in her pictures, especially her nose has become taller and straighter. Even fans are having trouble recognizing her. One fan said: "Her face changed again? You don't look like Theresa! You were prettier before! You kind of look like Karena Ng." Theresa responded to her fan: "Doesn't look like me, but indeed that is me. You don't look like you, but you are you are still in fact you."

Ex-boyfriend Him Law attended an event yesterday and expressed he has not paid attention to Theresa's recent photos. "I'm busy filming, haven't really paid attention to her photos, so I'm not sure." He expressed he does not keep in touch with Theresa, but didn't deliberately avoid her news. He still follows her on Weibo.

When speaking of women and plastic surgery, Him said in an open manner: "Its just because they love beauty." Rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung is often said to have gotten plastic surgery, Him immediately defended her: "So that's why don't talk about it all the time!" Reporters suggested Him should pinch Tavia's nose to see. Him said bombastically: "That is too intimate, I cannot do that. At most is just interact with the eyes! We are currently filming The Hippocratic Crush II, but don't have much interaction, we just have dinner sometimes in private."

Reporters teased Him likes to choose girlfriends with higher noses, Him said embarrassed: "I'm all about fate. I don't have any special standard for facial features."


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