Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sharon Chan Denies Retiring from Industry Due to Illness

Earlier Sharon Chan had SLE (skin disorder), earlier it was rumored the illness came back and she decided to retire from the industry and marry her boyfriend at the end of the year. Yesterday Sharon attended a wrist watch store opening ceremony and although she face looked a little swollen, she appeared well-spirited. Sharon denied the rumor of her retirement to get married. "I really like my job, I really enjoy acting. I'm starting a new series next month too. My health is doing well. My boyfriend and I currently do not have marriage plans for this year, so it definitely won't happen at the end of the year, but I will eventually get married in the future." She expressed the rumor frightened many of her relatives and friends. "I don't mind the marriage and having babies rumors, since those are good things, but [the media] is frequently saying I'm sick, many friends and colleagues have asked me. I am very healthy right now. Since I had kidney inflammation, I've been closely watching out for my health. I consume a lot of healthy foods and I'm even more healthy now!" Sharon expressed TVB treats her very well and that she won't be in several series at once. It was rumored she tried to provoke her boyfriend to propose to her? She laughed: "Don't mess with him, that will scare him."

Next month, Sharon will be collaborating with Dayo Wong in a new series. In the series, she plays a girl who has a crush on Dayo. "I feel pressure collaborating with Dayo. I really like and admire him, but I haven't seen him in person before. I just finished watching his Standup Comedies and hope to learn from him." Sharon said she has to sing and play the guitar in the series, so she hired a teacher to give her lessons.


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