Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Linda Chung innocent no more

Linda Chung is tired of playing the innocent, polite, and well-behaved girls, and wants to broaden her horizon to more challenging characters.

According to Groove Asia, the actress, who was recently ecstatic at the offer to play a sporty role in the TVB drama, "Tiger Cubs 2", revealed that she has been in the industry for nine years and is still being associated with the good girl image.

"Maybe it's because of my religion, where certain behaviours are restricted. In fact, I am not as calm as I am on the outside. I am like how an Aries is depicted; very playful, always in a rush, spontaneous and clumsy. People who are close to me know that I am playful, speak very fast and act quite rough."

The actress revealed her desire to play cruder roles in order to break the mould, stating, "I don't want to say that I am gentle because it will limit my acting area. That is why I really want to try my hands on evil roles and surprise the audience."

She added, "People feel that I'm too gentle to take on challenging roles, therefore it makes me feel even more determined to prove that I can take on a variety of roles. I am always hoping that I can act in a mentally handicapped role; not the kind in comedy series but a serious role. I used to volunteer with people who have mental disabilities back in Vancouver, and it was a very memorable experience. That is why I hope to one day use that experience to incorporate it into my acting."


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