Friday, March 1, 2013

Raymond Lam & Karena Ng Inseparable Partying Together for 4 Hours

Since the Raymond Lam & Karena Ng relationship went public, the couple have been inseparable. In just a short 20 days, the couple have already traveled to Tokyo, Okinawa and Milano together. Back in HK, the two take time off to celebrate Valentine's Day. Raymond loves Karena BB and seems very into the relationship.

Last night at 10pm, Karena BB and her company boss, HotCha and other friends were at the bar. Two hours later, Raymond surprisingly appeared with several other friends rushing over to the bar. Raymond knew there were reporters at the scene, but did not try to avoid anything. When Raymond got out of the car, he was seen wearing a ring on his left ring finger. Then he quickly walked into the bar to meet his girlfriend. It was understood, once Raymond got into the bar he greeted everyone and sat next to Karena BB.

After the bar, the couple wanted more and went for karoke with their friends. Karena took her company's car to the karaoke, while Raymond just followed behind in a taxi. Looks like Raymond put down his 'Young Pop King' role and stuck to his girlfriend like glue. The group played until 3am, most friends already left, but the couple continued playing hard until 4am. Karena left first with her manager and company boss. The couple played for a full 4 hours before going home.

Lin Xiawei Met 'Mrs. Raymond' and Said She's Good

Karena left after karaoke, but Raymond and another group of colleagues did another celebration. Perhaps because TVB executive Virgina Lok as there, so Raymond took his cousin Lin Xiawei along too. Reporters later contacted Lin Xiawei, she said she's been busy filming series and hasn't seen her 'big brother' Raymond. However, she has met her 'Ah So' Karena Ng already. Lin Xiawei said: "When they were shooting the film, I visited the set before and that time they should be dating already. (How did he introduce her?) Just like friends, we had dinner together before too. (Was Raymond really attentive towards Karena?) My brother had always been very attentive, very gentleman and takes good care of people. He was able to take care of her (Karena) and still pass me some food. (What do you think of your 'Ah So'?) She's pretty good! The most important is he likes her."


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