Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roger Kwok's Son Likes Performing, Won't Stop Him from Entering Showbiz

Yesterday Roger Kwok and his wife Cindy Au attended an event together. The pair served as the guest judges for a baby crawling contest. When asked how Roger celebrated his oldest son, Brad Kwok's birthday? He said: "His birthday was on the 23rd, we took him to Ocean Park for a charity event and played for a full day. He was really happy seeing the small animals there. I hoped to take that opportunity to teach him the importance of environmental protection, which made it a meaningful birthday." Roger laughed and said Brad inherited his parents' genes. He loves to sing and perform; he's always intimating his mother's popular cartoon theme song Chibi Maruko-chan. If Brad were to have interest in joining the entertainment industry in the future, Roger will not be opposed to it and hoped to allow his son to make his own choices. As for Cindy, she revealed their 1.5 year old daughter already knows how to walk now. She copied her brother's every move and Brad knows how to take good care of his little sister as well. They rarely fight.

As for good friend Ada Choi, just had her second daughter Zhang Shun Yee, Roger and Cindy expressed they were happy for her. Roger laughed: "Three beautiful girls in the family, we are getting more baby girls in the entertainment circle now. Angela Tong just had a girl too. That's great, my son will have more options in the future!"


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