Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kristal Tin Tells Husband Chapman To to Enjoy the Girls As Much As He Can

Yesterday Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin, Priscilla Wong and Evergreen Mak attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series Tongue Sword Courtroom. Angela Tong just gave birth to her daughter Alyssa on March 10th, Roger praised her: "good girl". When asked if he wants to be Alyssa's god-father? Roger expressed he won't, he said: "Wait until she comes back, we can talk about our baby caring experiences. (Visit her?) Not yet, she's probably really busy now. The most difficult part is taking care of a newborn. (What are you planning to buy for the baby?) I will, but I don't plan to give something too small because babies grow fast." As for the rumors that Priscilla is on bad terms with her good friend Leung Ka Kei, Priscilla denied: "She's still my woman."

Kristal Tin's husband Chapman To has bed scenes with several actresses, in his new film Mr. and Mrs. Cheater 爛滾夫鬥爛滾妻 (translated title). Kristal said: "Congrats to him. He even has one with the goddess Chrissie Chau. I told him perhaps he's a better character since more good things are coming to him now. (Supervise the set?) Why would I? I have my own series to work on. That's the beauty of being an actor though, aside from me, he can freely look at other girls, which is a rare opportunity for him in usual days. (Chrissie Chau just fell out of love, not afraid of rumors?!) Looking back at Chrissie's record, they probably don't really match. Chapman is old now!" It appeared Kristal was actually worried, she later asked reporters to visit Chapman on the set more often and "watch" him for her. In the series, Kristal plays straightforward person who offends people often. Because women are not allowed to be lawyers in the ancient times, Kristal often forces Roger Kwok's role to represents her in the courtroom. She laughed: "My role is pretty bad, similar to me. I think my fast talking was because Chapman influenced me." Kristal joked she has a lot of men liking her in the series too, so she and her husband will each enjoy their own 'peach blossom fate'.


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