Friday, March 8, 2013

Yoyo Mung Consensus with Ekin Cheng - Won't Have Kids, Gives Her Nightmares

This year 39 year old Yoyo Mung married 45 year old Ekin Cheng in Japan after dating for several years. When the whole city is wondering when the couple plans to have babies, yesterday Yoyo accepted [The Sun] exclusive interview to promote for her new series A Great Way to Care II. During the interview, Yoyo disclosed she has nightmares just thinking about having babies. "I watch my friends with their babies, and are already thinking about signing up their baby with play groups, so troublesome! One time I was dreaming that I got pregnant, but the dream quickly turned into a nightmare! [A parent] has to worry about which school their child should go to. I personally hate filling out paperwork, there are a lot of enrollment forms to fill out! I just feel he's miserable and I'm miserable too! Ekin and I have consensus, for now we won't think about having children." Yoyo expressed pregnancy feels like jail, "If I get pregnant, then I'll feel like I'm in jail for 10 months and with the addition of the 4 months before and 6 months after maternity leave, it's like I'm in jail for a whole year! Also we have a cat, I know a friend whose cat caused their child to get allergic rhinitis and had to go to the emergency room. If I had to give up my cat, that is too hard for me!"

Yoyo praised the openness of her mother-in-law. She had never pressured Yoyo to carry on the family name. "Ekin's brother has kids, so my mother-in-law didn't give me any pressure!" She also expressed Ekin's 'liberal' personality was one of the other reasons that led her to back off from having children, "He spoils children too much. In the future when we teach our children, our parenting styles will definitely conflict!"

When speaking of life after marriage, Yoyo frankly expressed there really isn't anything different: "Actually I have always done chores around the house, there really isn't anything different after marriage!" In the past, Yoyo went through mental distress before, she frankly expressed now that she's marriage the person sleeping besides her has influenced her to be more optimistic. "Many years ago, my career pressured me too much, I was worried that I wouldn't have enough jobs. Whenever I finish a series, I would immediately worry about what would happen next. Back then, as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, I would start worrying instantly. The thoughts scared me. Once I discovered I was mentally unstable, I immediately went to see the doctor. (Ekin influenced you to be more optimistic?) He's a very good role model with bad memory. He won't remember the unhappy events or times when work gets too stressful. All he remembers are the happy events! Before I met him, I was in a relationship, but wasn't happy and work gave me a lot of pressure, but I later learned to face my difficulties. I should enjoy my ability to be able to solve problems."


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