Sunday, March 10, 2013

Michael Tse Teases Niki Chow Has No Body Figure

Yesterday Michael Tse, Niki Chow, Koni Lui, Queenie Chu, Grace Wong, Oceane Zhu, Becky Lee, Elaine Yiu, etc. attended the promotional event for TVB series Sergeant Tabloid. Niki appeared at the event in her policewoman uniform, but that just got Michael madly teasing her that she has no body figure. Michael compared Niki to Becky Lee, who had recently appeared in a bikini on a TVB travel show and showed off her outstanding figure.

At the promotion, the cast played games with references to the current contradictory issues between Hong Kong and China. Lee Yee Man played a HK pregnant woman in the series, she held up a sign and shouted: "Give me back my baby formula!" Ching Ho Wai was fighting for "freedom of the press" in support of her reporter son (played by Michael). Rosanne Lui shouted: "I have the Right to Know!"

Michael and Niki were bashing each other nonstop at the promotion. Michael teased Niki that she has no body figure, while Niki bashed him back saying he "has no material". Michael exposed he has a scene in the series where he goes undercover as a 'duck' (male prostitute) and gets 'date raped' by Becky Lee. When speaking of Becky wearing a bikini on a travel show and displayed her 34C body figure? Initially, Michael thought the female lead on the show was Niki, he smirked: "It doesn't matter whether I watch it or not!"

When Michael learned the lead was actually Becky, he sighed loudly and said he missed out on something good, but he didn't forget to tease Niki once more: "Of course Becky Lee is better than Niki Chow. You can just go randomly find a few more girls and they'll still be better than her! I really do have to go catch the show online then. If the show had Niki, I would just skim through it." When Oceane Zhu and Becky were introduced on stage, Michael just wouldn't let Niki go, he continued to tease her: "Just look at how gentle the other two are, they have [long] legs and everything is just bigger than yours." Niki refuted: "You're a scum both in the series and in real life!"

In the series, Niki plays a 'sing lui' (middle-aged single women) and in reality she's still single, but she was still very into character as she claimed she's the 'Sing Lui' team leader. Niki expressed: "My role is very similar to me in real life. Both of our careers goes smoothly, but not our love lives. It's inevitable that others will start worrying about us when we're over 30, but not marrying is better than marrying the wrong person!"

Last night, Becky appeared in a bikini with Leanne Li on a travel special and stole the limelight. The show got a lot of positive response and Netizens praised her nice figure. Becky said: "I wish them (Netizens) good health. This is my first sexy appearance since my debut. The most important is healthy awareness."

Sergeant Tabloid had already been released overseas last year and the online version circulated all over the internet. However, producer Nelson Cheung expressed the HK version went through re-editing and there's a new ending. He is not worried about the ratings being affected. Also, Benz Hui disclosed his 'on-screen wife' Angelina Lo (she played Niki's mother) went over to HKTV, therefore she did not attend the promotion.


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