Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung Back to Work, Frightened by Esther Kwan's 'Rubber Tube' Gift

Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung returned to work on TVB series Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate. The cast including Esther Kwan, Mandy Wong, Pierre Ngo and Sammy Shum gave him get well cards, fruit baskets and two boxes of chicken stock. Producer Chong Wai Kin gave Bobby a 'imperial concubine chair' to sit on, so he could get good rest at work. As Bobby's good friend and co-star, Esther gave him a 'rubber tube', which serves to remind him to watch out for his health, she said: "I'm giving you this rubber tube on behalf of your wife and fans. This is a warning to you, to never put tubes in your mouth again!" Bobby, who had tubes hooked to all parts of his body while at the hospital, was immediately frightened when he saw the gift. He joked: "Is this a urine tube? Nowadays, I get scared at the sight of tubes."

TVB is treating Bobby very well, whenever there is studio filming, there won't be outdoor filming; if there is outdoor filming, there won't be studio filming. First day back at work, Bobby was very happy: "I actually wanted to get back to work long ago. You all (reporters) photographed me going all over the place already. The producer is treating me so well, I only have to film one shift a day and can get home before 11PM every night. I feel my health is better than before. Since I've been waking up peacefully daily, I'm able to keep my belly, just my face looks a little slimmer. (Did the doctor urge you not to drink too much?) Not related, the doctor said I shouldn't eat too full. Last time, I ate too much and was way too full. Because of work I hadn't eaten for a while and once I had time to relax, I went all out." Next month when the crew goes to Foshan for outdoor filming, does Bobby have to bring a nurse along with him? He joked: "Not necessary! There are a lot of young and pretty nurses in Mainland." He added right after: "They are male nurses though! My wife will come along with us. Actually recently I've scared her too much! I have to give her more love. (How so?) I'll grab her for a hug and kiss every day. We have never been this compassionate before. (Kisses out a baby?) Wait for the next round! I want to have a Dragon baby. If not, then we'll adopt one!"

Bobby also showed off the couple's conjugal love, he expressed his wife especially prepared a compassionate breakfast for him: "It was her homemade wantons and rice crepes. Although those aren't breakfast items, the most important is still her compassion."

Esther expressed she'll be accommodating Bobby. Asked if she'll remind her husband Nick Cheung to watch out for his health too? She said: "He does well, he can control himself. Sometimes, he actually tells me not to eat such and such foods." When it was mentioned that Nick is regarded as the hot favorite for the 'Golden Horse' Film King award based on his film Night Fall, Esther said: "He feels normal, pleased to be nominated and this proves people can see his hard work." Because Esther will be shooting in Foshan, she won't be able to accompany Nick to the Golden Horse awards presentation, she laughed: "He can just bring our daughter with him, but the Best Actor award won't be announced until late, I'm afraid my daughter would have already fallen asleep."


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