Friday, March 22, 2013

Matthew Ko Hopes to Reborn From Villain Role

Former Mr. HK Matthew Ko was heavily promoted by TVB when he first debuted, but later he didn't get as many opportunities. It appeared TVB wanted him to change his image and eventually gave him villain roles, but he frankly expressed he's not afraid the villain roles would have a negative influence on his image, he just hopes for good development. He did not hesitate to say that if he makes no accomplishments in this industry, he'll just retire and go back to Canada.

Since Matthew participated in Mr. HK, he had always had a gentleman image, but recently producers have been giving him room for development in villain roles. Matthew said: "Earlier in Friendly Fire, I was suppose to be Samantha Ko's rapist, but unfortunately I had a leg injury and had to undergo surgery, so couldn't participate. Then for A Great Way to Care II, producer Marco Law asked me if I could handle the Cult Leader role because there are a lot of action scenes. Although at the time, I had just recovered, I didn't want to lose the opportunity." In the series, Matthew and actress Davily Leung have a 2 minute long passionate kiss scene. He laughed and said that was his first passionate kiss scene. Fortunately he and Davily were already familiar, so they didn't NG.

When asked if he's afraid the villain roles would negatively influence his image? As the founder and principal of a children arts school, Matthew expressed he has no fear on whether the audience can accept or not, he is more worried about his young students, if they could accept it. He said: "I told the parents to just allow their children to watch the 8:30PM series Sergeant Tabloid. My role in that series is more sunshine and childish."

When speaking of Sergeant Tabloid, Matthew frankly expressed this series made him very emotional. He did not hesitate to say, not even a year after he became Mr. HK, he was already given the second male lead role in Man In Charge, but he failed that time. At one point, he felt obstructed: "That time after I completed Man in Charge, it was my first time after all and I was just 22 years old, I wasn't mature in so many ways. When the series aired, people said my acting was bad and then producers didn't give me as many opportunities. I just got minor roles, but then Sergeant Tabloid came along, I saw this series as my last chance. I thought about it, if this series doesn't get good response, I'm just going to pack my bags and fly back to Canada."


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