Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alex Fong & Tavia Yeung Fight Out a "Brotherly" Relationship

Since The Building Blocks of Life several years ago, Alex Fong and Tavia Yeung collaborate once again in TVB new series A Great Way to Care II. Although they aren't a couple, just a doctor and a police undercover investigating the same case, they still had chemistry right from the start. Tavia regards Alex as the 'TV Drama Soul', she complimented that his performances are steady and has his own style to portray the role, which helps his co-stars easily get into character. She believed if the new generation actors can learn this strength of his, then there will definitely be good prospects.

When speaking of having scenes opposite of this handsome Alex Fong, one can easily get 'electrified' by him? Tavia laughed and said their relationship is like brothers. When they were filming, they mutually showed off their skills and prepare their responses together beforehand. Many times, Alex would test her to see if she could improvise on the spot. She said: "The grudge between Alex and I started from Building Blocks of Life. The moment we met, we started fighting and it can get really intense too. Although Christine Ng is the strongest, when the three of us come together, we could really play hard. We're always breaking the props on the set. He pushes me; I bump him, but all of the bruises are on us, he gets none of it. But it's a joy still."

Although Tavia encountered a playful co-star, she did not hesitate to say that Alex does have his attentive side too. She disclosed during filming, she had an unhappy incident happen to her and as a good friend, he went to comfort her. Even though he just said a few words, but it's the thought that counts. Tavia said: "At the time, my emotions weren't that bad. When I got to work, I still played with Alex. I thought the things the aren't true, I shouldn't let them bother me. I really have to let it go. My colleagues won't know that much, they could only support me spiritually and cannot help me resolve the issues, but now it's already the past. Don't have to pay too much attention to it and not like it's a big deal."

Alex praised Tavia back, expressing her acting is great otherwise she couldn't have become TV Queen. The playful him did not forget to tease Tavia: "Now you have more life experiences, in both your acting and love life. If not, then don't take the TV Queen title! Actually dating is a part of life, next time just don't lean towards that area again when you vomit! But, I do have to compliment that you have good ethics of an artist. You get injured or sprain your ankle, but you still limp back to work!" This good friend of Tavia's teases her first and then compliments her, Tavia didn't know whether she should be laughing or crying.


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