Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fiona Sit rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery

Rumour has it that Hong Kong singer-actress Fiona Sit had gone under the knife, after netizens pointed out an obvious change in the shape of her face - from 'round face' to 'V-line face' - after comparing her debut photos from 10 years ago with recent shots of the 31-year-old.

Sources also claimed that Fiona is hoping that cosmetic surgery will change her fortunes.

Although Fiona rose to fame with the track 'Keanu Reeves Reply' in 2003, the singer turned out to be a one-hit wonder, and subsequently landed roles in B-list movies and drama series. Her ventures into the Chinese market also did not reap significant reward as they were overshadowed by her relationships with fellow singers Khalil Fong and Jaycee Chan.

Fiona's showbiz career saw improvement after she left Warner Music last year and joined Paco Wong's company Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd for a two-year contract reportedly worth HK$6 million (approximately S$970,000).

Despite being branded a 'traitor' for leaving Warner which she has worked with for eight years, the singer was reportedly left with little choice as she has been the sole breadwinner for her family since her parents divorced. In addition, she now carries an additional burden of paying for her father's hefty medical bills, after he was diagnosed with a heart problem last year.


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