Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Him Law Wants to Help Kenneth Ma Wipe His Tears

Annie Liu, Him Law, Ruco Chan and Kathy Yuen attended the press conference for Sony's new water-resistant phone, the Xperia Z, held in Mongkok. Him expressed he had always hoped to have two phones, so he will be taking the device that the event organizers gave him for personal use. When speaking of girlfriend Tavia Yeung winning the 'Most Outstanding TV Actress of 2012' award? Him said he is happy for her. How will he celebrate with her? Him said: "Kenneth Ma got the award too, we will have dinner together to celebrate. (Tavia helped Kenneth wipe his tears, were you jealous?) Because Kenneth was really touched, he's been a hard working actor for many years. If I was sitting next to him, I would help him wipe his tears too." When Him gets an award in the future, does he hope his girlfriend do the same and help him wipe his tears? Him laughed embarrassingly: "I will bring my own tissues when I get an award."


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