Wednesday, March 13, 2013

T-ara’s Eunjung reveals a story of being left behind at a rest stop in Japan

Eunjung recently revealed a funny story about the time she got left behind in a rest stop in Japan.

Eunjung and the other members of T-ara are currently in Japan promoting their “Bunny Style” in 15 different cities across Japan traversing both urban and rural areas.

After taking a pitstop at one of the service stations with the T-ara members and staff, they realized that they had left Eunjung behind around 15 minutes after leaving. Eunjung stayed at the rest stop for an hour, waiting for the car to return, but instead of being angry she stated that she found it to be a nice rest during their hectic and busy schedule. While she was waiting, she also experienced over 3 meters of snow that fell, a rare sight in Korea.

She even took the above picture in the snow to commemorate the funny story.


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