Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kenneth Ma gets to kiss Myolie Wu, Sleepless for Days

Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma are a couple in the TVB series Season of Love, but because this isn't their first collaboration, they were able to create lots of sparks. Kenneth frankly expressed when the series first started, he asked the producer to add kiss scenes for them and to his surprise, he was successful. Kenneth's wish back in To Grow with Love finally came true without regrets. He finally won Myolie's heart and get to kiss her in the new series Season of Love.

Kenneth laughed and said he still thinks about the kiss even today, it was a memorable one. He expressed there was no pressure when they were shooting the scene and he just carried a dating mentality to do the scene. He said: "The original script didn't have kiss scenes, but when we started shooting, everyone thought adding the kiss would make it a better feel. I was so happy, I couldn't sleep for several days! I was very behaved too, I didn't eat anything with strong flavors prior to the scene."

Sitting next to Kenneth, Myolie laughed loudly at his story. She praised Kenneth is very honest. She said without hesitation its been several years since she worked with Kenneth, but she couldn't believe the Kenneth today turned into a 'god' ("nam sun") in the public eye, she said: "I'm so happy to work with the male god! Our relationship in the series is very sweet. It feels a little bit like Japanese dramas, pretty romantic. (Regain the feeling of being in love?) Sure!"

Myolie's most memorable scene was when Kenneth acted like a statue because they were shooting in hot weather that day and Kenneth had to smear brown color paint on his face and neck, then he ended up letting out 'chocolate sweat'. She said: "If that was in real life, a guy doing that for me, I would feel really touched. (What type of guy are you looking for?) Just like Kenneth, he can be boring too, but he's too powerful now, I can't stand him. It's really going to go in the opposite direction when he's too powerful. Being with you (Kenneth) is like sending a sheep into the tiger territory (idiom). How can that work?!"

Later, Kenneth frankly expressed Myolie is like a goddess to him, but she said: "You know me and you are impossible. It's not because of a boyfriend, it is because its enough we can create sparks at work. You turned to have too unruly behavior, I don't like that!" Kenneth joked: "I just ate a lemon, that's okay! Men should be more generous."


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