Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung Films Suicide Scene, Health is Better than Before

Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan were shooting for a suicide scene on the beach for TVB new series Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate. Last month, Bobby suffered from acute pneumonia and was hospitalized for a few weeks. Now back at work, Bobby can pull through several scenes without taking a break. The director didn't give him special treatment either, and asked him to shoot a water scene at the last minute. Esther, who had to pull Bobby out of the water, complained he's too heavy! The scene was about Bobby attempting to commit suicide because of his distress and frustration from his 'three losses' and Esther was suppose to go stop him. Initially the director just wanted do a shot of Bobby starting to jump into the water, but to make the scene more realistic, Bobby and Esther ended up in the water as well. Bobby joked: "Luckily we only had to get our feet wet, I didn't bring underwear!"

Bobby expressed [health wise], he's doing better than before, but after completing this series, he plans to take some time off. "I don't want my wife to worry. Last time I freaked her out. After work, I go home right away and won't think about where I should go party. I used to be really free, playing real hard, but the doctor told me I should only play 70-80% only. (Did you drink after recovery?) Earlier when I treated the doctors and medical personnel to thank them for their care, I only drank a little that one time."

Esther said Bobby's hospitalization actually benefited them: "Working at TVB for so long, I never had to work 3 days and have a day off." She expressed the crew will be heading to Foshan for outdoor shooting, and she'll have to leave her daughter behind for a few weeks, but she said it's a good chance for her daughter to learn how to be independent.

Also, Mandy Wong portrays Esther's younger sister, but because of Bobby's hospitalization earlier and the swift in the filming schedules, she has to simeotaneously shoot this series and The Hippocratic Crush II.


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