Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joey Meng's health unfit for pregnancy

TVB actress Joey Meng has expressed her intentions to become a mother for a long time ever since marrying her scriptwriter husband, Chan Sap Sam since 2000, but luck has never been on her side.

As reported on Jayne Stars website recently, amidst rumours of her husband's supposed impotence and her busy schedule, a new rumour surfaced that the primary cause behind Joey's failure to conceive is due to her poor health.

A tabloid revealed that while filming an action sequence for "My Date with Vampire 3" in 2004, Joey injured her lower spine and had never truly recovered. Her health had further deteriorated due to her long filming hours at ATV, causing the actress to suffer from acute hepatitis several times.

The actress was also cited from a previous interview, saying that she gets sick easily and that "I see the doctor more than I eat".

The actress was also quoted saying, "Conceiving is not impossible, but the doctor advised that I should be extra cautious if I become pregnant."

However, despite reports of her poor health, the actress never withdraws herself from filming action-packed dramas, including her latest project, "Food for the Slaves". Joey will also be busy shooting for the upcoming "Inbound Troubles" sequel and film adaptation, making it less probable for the actress to get pregnant anytime soon with her busy schedule.


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