Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yoyo Mung Denies Retirement & 'Tiger Cubs II' Female Lead Rumors

Since Yoyo Mung became Mrs. Ekin Cheng in January, it was reported Yoyo's TVB contract is expiring in March and rumored that she's planning to retire from the industry; Yoyo's upcoming series A Great Way to Care II is going to be her farewell series. Yesterday Yoyo uploaded a photo of herself on Weibo of her frowning at work and expressed its been a long while since she's done an interview. In the photo, Mrs. Cheng had a low-cut 'career line' revealing outfit on and won compliments from fans that 'Ah So' is so hot!

Aside from the rumor of Yoyo's retirement, there is another version that she'll be the lead female in Tiger Cubs II. Because Jessica Hsuan had contract issues with TVB, she will not be participating in the sequel. It was rumored Yoyo will replace her, even her character and storyline is already out. Reporters contacted Yoyo to confirm and she denied the rumor. When asked if she plans to retire when he contract expires? She said her manager handles the contract and she will continue to work, but she's only accepting series based on the script and the crew. Tiger Cubs II producer Lam Chi Wah expressed the rumor online of the cast and synopsis cannot be trusted. He said they are still discussing on how Jessica's role will be handled. The female lead is still open.


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