Sunday, March 24, 2013

Edwin Siu 36th Birthday, Haven't Thought of Marrying Gigi Ho Yet

Edwin Siu celebrated his 36th birthday with a large group of friends including Alex Fong, Johnson Lee, Otto Chan, Sharon Chan, Christine Ng and 'girlfriend' Gigi Ho. Edwin's popularity has been on the rise due to his recent role as the 'Buck Teeth Boy' in A Great Way to Care II. Edwin's birthday was on March 23rd, his friends threw him a surprised birthday party at a restaurant on the 22nd. Edwin said: "They asked me to help get stuff, but then I saw them all there. Many of them gave me glasses, perhaps because of my recent 'Buck Teeth Boy' look."

When asked what his rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho gave him? He denied the relationship, but revealed: "She and her sister Lily Ho spent a lot, they both pitched in to buy me a new computer, probably because they knew my computer is broken. We're just friends though."

Johnson and his girlfriend Bobo Wong ('spring roll') were rumored to have broken up, but Edwin disclosed the two appeared as normal. This is the first time Edwin had seen them attend a private party together. Bobo expressed her relationship with Johnson is stabled.

Yesterday afternoon at the A Great Way to Care II promotion, Edwin was asked since he's a big boy now, when is he planning to get married? He said: "Never thought about it. My career is my priority. (Have consensus with Gigi?) No need, I have always kept my relationships low-profile. Also, we are just good friends." Edwin is pretty lucky in this series, he has several scenes with Aimee Chan and Christine Kuo. He joked: "Many guys envy me. Later, I'll have a kiss scene with Aimee and then another getting wet rain scene with Christine. (Will Gigi Ho get jealous?) There won't be anyone jealous, they should all be happy for me."


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