Saturday, March 30, 2013

Casper Chan Unrecognizable After Botox

In A Great Way to Care II, Casper Chan played the girl who failed to woo Ben Wong's character, lately she had caught viewers' attention. Why? Because her looks changed dramatically!

Casper Chan's face is now plastic and stiff, her nose is high and unnatural. But, what she looked like in A Great Way of Care II wasn't as strange as her earlier appearance in Divas In Distress. Turns out, in July 2012, she was a beauty salon spokesperson and went to get botox. She got botox on her nose and chin; the whole procedure was captured on camera as well. Unfortunately, on the news she doesn't look much different from before. Probably nobody would have known she was a botox spokesperson! Netizens responded to Casper's 'new' look with comments such as "accident during the procedure", "so terrifying", "so scary...", "worst after the botox, you were fine before" and "you were cute before, but now you look like a jigsaw." Based on the response, it seems more like that beauty salon is gonna get their signboard taken down.

Casper was a participant in the Miss Hong Kong 2000 pageant and was previously nicknamed "Pirated Loletta Chu". Unfortunately her popularity later went on a decline and she's only been floating around in TVB.

TVB's upcoming series Bullet Brain has Casper Chan too and that was the time she just got her botox done. We'll definitely have to check this one out!

Yesterday Casper accepted a telephone interview, she said: "I only got it done once last year when I was a beauty salon spokesperson. I won't get botox again. Actually, its already wear off. Perhaps I have less jobs, so you all don't see me as much. (Regret getting plastic surgery?) I didn't do it because of beauty, but rather I was the spokesperson, so I gave it a try. (After the botox, people couldn't recognize you?) Nope! I filmed A Great Way to Care II last year, now I look just like how I looked before!"


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