Friday, March 22, 2013

TVB Accommodates Flora Chan for her Comeback

Flora Chan is currently back in school studying at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) for her Master's Degree. She once expressed her husband's bankruptcy did not affect her and she's maintaining the same quality life, however, according to a report by [Good News], Flora did not mind filling Veronica Yip's shoes (being the second choice) in TVB's new proposed series Aerobic Girls. The series is scheduled to start in June.

Aerobic Girls' producer Chan Wai Kwoon admitted in a phone interview that this is true and he had already discussed the script with Flora. "We chatted before, she has to go to school, but won't start the semester until September. The series will start shooting in June until sometime in October, the schedules may overlap a little. (Is she filling Veronica Ip's shoes?) No, I have to clarify this, Flora's role is not Veronica Ip's one. There are a few female leads in this series, Flora's role was written based on her character." Yesterday TVB executive Virgina Lok responded and said Flora's participation in the series is not confirmed yet, but TVB will try to accommodate Flora's schedule for school and caring for her daughter as much as possible. As for Flora, she has not responded yet.


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