Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ruco Chan Careless About TV Ratings, Wants to Shoot a Good Science Fiction Series

TVB series Reality Check has been a low-rated series, but lead actor Ruco Chan supported the series has depth and the most important is the public response. Ruco loves trying new things, he hopes to participate in a science fiction series and already outlined a few scripts, but currently he'll just concentrate on being an actor first. Ruco's goal isn't to become TV King, he just hopes to shoot good series!

Recently TVB likes to use rape and 'skin revealing' scenes to boost the TV ratings, such as in Highs and Lows and Friendly Fire, both in which averaged 30 points. So far, throughout the Reality Check broadcast, the ratings had been quite low - dropping as low as 23 points. As the lead actor, Ruco does not feel defeated, but instead supported the series has a lot of depth. "Anybody likes to watch fun and explosive series because its entertainment worthy, but if we think about this series, it is actually reflecting the issues that happen in society. The success is not as important as the public response. As an artist, I hope to be part of a series with depth. (Audience has a bigger appetite?) Actually that is necessary, but TVB produces so many series, there is no way all series will be like this. Many people always criticize that we don't have enough educational shows, we have to cater to the tastes of all audience. Hong Kong audience take time to warm up, especially those who are used to something, it is not easy to just change. However, don't just withdraw from something just because the public doesn't agree to it. It's okay to keep on conveying the reality."

Wish to Shoot a Science Fiction Series

Ruco expressed he loves trying new things. Aside from his wish that his series has a message to convey, he also hopes to shoot more science fiction themed series, such as a 'Chinese vampire' ("geung see") series. "Nowadays, there are no longer series like A Chinese Ghost Story. The themes are too realistic. I believe we could produce some fantasy series that goes beyond reality. One of my wishes is to participate in one of these. (Do you want to shoot a series involving politics?) I also want to do something political, but have to see if the theme works or not. Actually, I already have 2-3 scripts on hand. (Turn to work behind-the-scenes?) I like it, but that's too far for me to think about. At present time, I still have a lot to learn and try as an actor."

Creativity is the Most Important

Ruco is an ATV turned TVB actor, he directly said he has more space than before, "Because a bigger company has better resources. There are a lot more audience watching and I get a lot more feedback. Then I know where I'm lacking and the areas still need improvement. (Want to compete for TV King?) I don't think about that stuff nor do I have a desire to become TV King. Even in the past when I was an athlete, I never thought of winning. I just do my best on my own part, prepare myself well and naturally I'm a winner. If I lose then so be it and if I win, then it's an honor. (Your goal is not to win an award?) My goal is not here. If you are a creative person, then you are not concerned about the awards. It's just like Tsui Hark and Ann Hui, (film directors) they aren't producing films because they want awards. What I have on my mind when filming is, to reflect or convey something. If the award lands in my hands, then I'll take it."


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