Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eddie Cheung Shoots Explosion Scene, gets a Painful Cut on His Ear

Last night Eddie Cheung was shooting an explosion scene for TVB new series Sniper Attack 2013 at TVB City, but the broken glass pieces landed on him and cut his ear. He later posted a photo on Weibo of him on the ground wiping away the blood from his ear. In the photo, Eddie's eyes were shut tightly, implying how painful the accident was. The staff helped him clean the cut. Eddie wrote: "I'm really hurt, so painful!" Netizens left comments reminding him to be more careful.

[The Sun] phoned Eddie to comfort him, he expressed the injury was a fortune out of misfortune. Because he had prior experience with explosion scenes, he knew to turn his face away during the shoot, otherwise the broken glass could have cut his face instead!

He recalled: "While we were filming, I felt pain on my right ear, but I thought I'll just endure though it until the cameras stop rolling. However, it was just too painful! I started crying instantly and then my ear was bleeding. Perhaps because the ear has a lot of nerves, so it was especially painful. Luckily, no glass pieces went inside. It's a minor injury, so I didn't have to go to the hospital."


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