Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yoyo Mung Excluded from Series Promotions, "I Respect TVB's Decision"

Yoyo Mung married Ekin Cheng in January, yesterday she attended the Race for Water 2013 event, where the civilians called her "Mrs. Ekin". She smiled embarrassingly and expressed she's still not used to the "Mrs. Ekin" address. She would respond quicker if someone called her "Ah Yo".

Yoyo expressed she's too weak to run, but she will practice hard and hope to participate in the Race for Water next year. She said: "When I exercised before, I didn't care about my body, one time because I didn't do warmups, I jumped down from the 10th story and injured my knee." She does not mind doing charity work with her husband Ekin because they share the same views in this area.

Earlier it was rumored Yoyo is going to switch over to Ricky Wong's HKTV, therefore she was excluded from her upcoming TVB series A Great Way to Care II promotions. Yoyo admitted she was initially scheduled to take part in the promotions, but TVB later notified her that it would no longer be necessary. She did not feel unhappy about this, but since she's still a TVB artist, she will respect their decision and try her best to find other ways to promote the series. Also she is good friends with the producer and the cast, so she does plan to invite them out for dinner sometime.


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