Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chilam Cheung Denies He Might Go Blind Due to an Eye Condition

Yesterday it was reported Chilam Cheung's right eye has been twitching nonstop and after the doctor's consultation, it was confirmed there is vascular pressure on the nerves in his eyes. If the condition does not get treated, he could go blind.

Reporters contacted Miss Leung at Chilam's management Jet Tone Production Company to confirm. Miss Leung expressed: "That is not news." Chilam's constant right eye twitching happened half a year ago and it had been reported before. Chilam's eyebrow twitches from time to time and even the doctor does not know why. It's hard to find the source of the twitching, but what it is a problem with the nerves. As there is no case of illness, Chilam is not on any medication nor does he have to go in for follow-up appointments. He'll just have to seek treatment when something else happens. All in all, Miss Leung has not heard anything about the doctor saying he would go blind. What is the worst possible case? Miss Leung expressed the doctor did not say.

Chilam responded to the rumor as well, he said: "Thank you all for the concern! Indeed, the cause of my eye twitching is because of vascular pressure on my nerves, but the twitching had already stopped. The doctor said it's not a big deal. (Rumored you could go blind at any time?) They exaggerated it. I'm going to be shooting a 3D film with Gillian Chung and Kara Hui in April. I have many action scenes too, so if my condition was as serious as the rumor claims, then I wouldn't have accepted this film!"


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