Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fala Chen disapproves Vincent Wong

Even though Fala Chen and Vincent Wong are playing a romantic couple in the upcoming drama, "Will Power", rumour has it that in real life, the actor is considered no friend of hers.

As reported on Popular Asians website, tabloids reported that Fala's rich husband, Daniel Sit has been the cause of this rift - as the actress has been annoyed with Vincent's tendency to invite the Neway Star's heir out for late night drinking with his friends.

In an incident that happened recently, a drunken Daniel had behaved intimately with actress Sharon Chan after a night of outing with Vincent Wong and his friends. Consequently, Fala blamed Vincent for the incident and reportedly told her husband to distance himself from the actor.

When asked about the severed relationship with Fala, Vincent dismissed the rumour and said, "We're only concentrating on filming and rarely talk. Maybe everyone is on different levels."

Vincent also admitted that he and Daniel Sit are friends, and clarified that he had no idea Fala was against their friendship.

However, when questioned about the situation, Fala dodged the press and claimed she was busy.

It was reported that Fala has been anxious of her husband's whereabouts ever since Daniel was rumoured to have flirted with Hotcha's member, Regen Cheung while his wife was away from Hong Kong. Tabloids then claimed that Regen eventually quit the group and continued her studies overseas after being urged by the actress.


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