Saturday, March 9, 2013

Natalie Tong Sings Off-Key with Kenneth Ma Around Her; Kenneth Still Gives a "Like"

The 'best deal' Kenneth Ma attends his first event with Natalie Tong as a couple team. They attended electronic store DSC's 15th anniversary event and this is Kenneth's third year as the company's spokesperson. When he appeared, the MC Kitty Yuen grabbed his hand and joked she wanted rumors with him.

Natalie Tong later appeared in a yellow spring low-cut dress. It is rare to see Natalie dress in low-cut outfits. When she performed the song To the Men I Loved, the event organizer made a last minute arrangement for Kenneth to accompany her on stage and dance in the background. Natalie saw Kenneth looking at her with profound feelings, her heart started racing and she couldn't even remember the lyrics to the song. The music had to start again from the beginning. During Natalie's performance, Kenneth circled her, then lightly patted her on the shoulder and took initiative to hold her hand in attempt to help her calm down. However, Natalie felt even more nervous and practically went off-key throughout the entire song. Later during the raffle drawing, the two were often whispering in each other's ears.

After the event, Natalie explained the event organizers played the wrong music, but she admitted she got nervous when Kenneth stared at her. She expressed this is her first time singing in front of an opposite sex. Not even her rumored boyfriend Amigo Chui got that opportunity.

Kenneth was asked how he would score Natalie's singing skills? He said: "High score! I would definitely say her singing is good!" Kenneth admitted he is very pleased with the 'couple team' price. He said: "I don't mind having many rumors, just as long as the reports aren't too over. Advertisers like to hire me and my current rumored girlfriend to do shows together." Natalie immediately squealed: "Such a flirt!" Kenneth explained: "Just trying to make more money!" When asked whether he'll give appliances or electronics when pursuing girls? He laughed: "Nope! Girls today like diamonds! But, lately Natalie's house is going through renovation, this could help." Natalie blurted out, asking him to accompany her to buy electronics and hoped she could be the spokesperson with him.


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