Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Veteran actor Lau Ka Fai is Missing, His Son Calls the Police

Martial arts actor Lau Ka Fai is paralyzed on the lower half of his body after suffering from a stroke a couple years ago. His female assistant (Eva) had been his caretaker since then. In between, it was rumored he did not want to see his children -- Sin Chun Long and Sin Wing Shan. Last month, Sin Chun Long was shocked to hear that his father's caregiver went from Eva to a female artist he did not know. Apparently she the female artist took his father somewhere and he is no where to be found! As this is a serious situation, yesterday Sin Chun Long called the police.

Last month when Sin Chun Long tried to visit his father, he was alarmed to find out he had already left the nursing home. He had no way of knowing where his father was. He asked his lawyer to contact that female artist, but unfortunately there has been no response. Yesterday he decided to report the case to the police.

Sin Chun Long said: "The nurse at the nursing home said my father had already got a new caregiver. She told me to find a lawyer and then I found out that the new caregiver was a female artist I do not know." He said his father called home once in December, but couldn't get in touch with him since then: "All along, they wouldn't let my sister and I see my father. When my father called me that time, he still knew to call my sister by name, but because he has a little difficulty expressing his words, my sister could not understand what he was saying. We wanted to talk to him longer, but someone snatched the phone away and said my father didn't want to see us. The whole situation seems really odd."

Yesterday reporters contacted Eva to ask about the change of caregiver? Eva expressed its been two months since she seen Lau Ka Fai and she has already passed the case to her lawyer to handle. She said: "Someone is using tactics to stop me from seeing him! I've taken care of Ka Fai gor for 5 years and he had always trusted me. He left the money he and I earned together with me. We made a promise, when he's in trouble, we will use the several million RMB as necessary. I'm really worried right now, I really want to see him as soon as possible. When he gets better, I will give him the money back." In January, Eva paid for Ka Fai's physical therapy expenses, but did not see him, which worried her even more because he might be in danger. She hopes to see Ka Fai again soon.

A spokesperson at the police station responded last night. There was indeed a Mr. Sin who reported a case, that he has lost contact with his 62 year old father since August 2012. It is treated as a missing person case and the East Kowloon police department will be responsible in the investigation.


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