Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alex Fong Not Supporting Yoyo Mung: TVB Contract Still Active, Should Complete Promotion First

Yesterday Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung, Aimee Chan and Leanne Li attended TVB new series A Great Way to Care II promotional event. It has been widely rumored TVB excluded Yoyo Mung from the series promotion because she is going to join Ricky Wong's HKTV. Indeed, Yoyo was absent from the first promotional event, but she's still seen in the center on the large series poster at the event. Producer Marco Law denied that he's cutting Yoyo off. He expressed he and Yoyo have consensus to promote selectively.

As for Yoyo not participating in the series promotion? Alex said: "She chose her own path, she can take her path however she likes to. (Her contract hasn't ended yet, but she's not allowed to participate in the promotion, do you think TVB is being too sensitive?) They have less empathy, but thinking in the shoes of a large company like TVB, you cannot blame them. Since she intends to leave the company, then should complete all the series promotions first and then when the contract ends, she can go discuss contracts with other companies. That makes the situation less complicated. (Yoyo should learn from you?) Of course, I would say its best to go back to Mainland and make the Chinese yuan! (Has Ricky Wong invited you to join HKTV?) I was approached by them before, but I believe a salary of several HK$10,000 per episode, there is no reason why TVB can't give me that same offer. I believe working in a familiar environment is better. If TVB calls me back, I will definitely come back to help them. I'm currently freelance and don't have plans of becoming a contracted artist for any company." Producer Marco Law expressed he and Yoyo are good friends. He stressed he did not boycott Yoyo, he said: "There is Yoyo in the promotional clips and on the poster. Yesterday she came back to shoot the TVB Weekly cover. We discussed with Catherine Tsang already and all have consensus that she will promote selectively.”

When Tavia Yeung learned it was her idol Alex’s 50th birthday on March 17th, she gave him a birthday kiss. Asked if she’s afraid rumored boyfriend Him Law will get jealous? She’s not afraid because Him likes Alex too and will definitely applaud. Tavia is actually more worried Alex’s wife Hoyan Mok might get jealous. In regards to Yoyo not being able to participate in the promotions and Tavia will have to take the flag? Tavia said: “Alex is one of the main leads too and has many housewife fans. She feels a little disappointed that she cannot promote with Yoyo, but unfortunately TVB has their policies.”

Aimee said with a smile that she still feels happy despite being teased because she's used to it. She said: "I hope the audience will get the 'Chan Mo disease' and 'Aimee disease' too, and support my series!" Yesterday it was White Day (3/14), Aimee expressed Valentine's Day (2/14th) is more important to her.


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