Thursday, March 28, 2013

Niki Chow's Waist Bruised from Wearing 16LB Police Belt

In the current TVB series Sergeant Tabloid, Niki Chow plays a policewoman, but it turns out this is her first time portraying such role. For a more realistic portrayal, she did a lot of homework prior to filming. She said: "I spent two months on physical training and I chatted with a real life policewoman." She expressed the policewoman was introduced to her by her brother-in-law and the scriptwriter: "Because it just happened my brother-in-law met an instructor's wife who is a police inspector."

But Niki expressed the most difficult part of filming was she had to carry a heavy police belt with her on a daily basis. She said: "The belt was 16 pounds, and I had to be chasing thieves with it. When I got home, my waist was bruised from it. Even the last time when I wore my costume to the promotional event, just had it on for a little bit and already felt the sore." Immediately after, Niki lifted up her shirt to show the female reporter her bruised waist. Indeed, there was a bruised area and we can imagine how severe filming can get. Because of this Niki expressed she had to give special thanks to the police officers, especially the policewomen. She said: "Because besides from working everyday, they still have a family to look after, so mighty. This series wanted to convey the message to the men, don't be so superficial, must admire the inner beauty."

In the series, Niki is known as a 'sing lui' (unmarried middle-age woman), and in reality she is a sing lui as well. Since her debut, one can easily count her rumors with one finger. The most memorable relationship she had was with Kevin Cheng. Asked if she still keeps in touch with Kevin? She laughed and said the question is too sharp: "We only keep in touch if we're working together. (That means you haven't been in touch with him for a long time?) We're both busy. (Send messages on holidays?) Not deliberately. I don't want this to get hooked, [the media] been talking about it for so many years. We both have matured. (Ok relationship?) Nothing, we always see each other backstage, we greet one another and chat too. (Any chance of sparking the relationship again?) Haha, we have never sparked, how could we re-spark?" Asked again of her current love life? She expressed she's in that state where she's getting a lot of pursuers.


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