Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gordon Liu names Fan Yik Man his new guardian

Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) two years ago became hemiplegic after a stroke. Last year he moved into a nursing home, after treatment his mobility was gradually increased. Originally his female assistant Eva was his  guardian, but recently his son Sin Chun Lung revealed that his father's care take has been switched to a female artist. He even said that his father's whereabouts was unknown and thus he contacted the police for help.

Actually Lau Ka Fai's new guardian is Fan Yik Man. Yesterday she said, "starting in January this year I became Brother Ka Fai's guardian. His situation is great, he is at a safe place. Many people have seen him, anyone he wants to see would be able to see him. They know where he is and he doesn't want to be disturbed. The change is Brother Ka Fai, his sister and his niece's wish. With a lawyer and a psychiatrist as witnesses, a legal document was signed." As for Sin Chun Lung reporting to the police that his father's whereabouts is unknown, she said, "Someone is wasting police effort, they know that they need to arrange with the lawyer to see their father. They have already contacted the lawyer, but they still contacted the police; I am just a guardian, I don't need to answer to them. I can only say that the law is protecting Brother Ka Fai."

Lau Ka Fai's former guardian Eva last night told Cable that she was uncertain about Lau Ka Fai's whereabouts. Someone has kept her from seeing him. She too wanted to return 1 million RMB that Lau Ka Fai left with her for safe keeping.


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