Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adam Cheng & Raymond Lam Chok Out a Father-Son Relationship

Adam Cheng and Raymond Lam play father and son in new film Saving General Yang. Their first collaboration was actually 10 years ago in TVB series Blade Heart. On the day of their interview, Raymond immediately took out his iPad to show his "father" Adam his latest MV. Adam praised Raymond: "My first collaboration with Raymond was 10 years ago, that time he put great effort into the fighting and horseback riding scenes. Hard work is a form of Chok! Back then, I thought Raymond's fighting scenes looked like he's gone crazy, but now he does everything with ease."

Raymond knew what the right thing to do was, he gave the "King of Chok" title to Adam, "That time, I already noticed Adam was quite Chok! Adam had a solo swordsmanship scene. He held the sword like a fencer, which was useful to me for a lifetime."

It was said Wu Chun, who played general Yang Yanzhao, had muscle-showing scenes and stole the limelight. Raymond stressed the 7 brothers each have their own brilliance. His "father" Adam laughed and said all '7 boys' respect the elders: "What made me really feel sorry was I accidentally poked Wu Chun and Fu Xinbo with my spear. I remember the first day, the scene was about them rushing to rescue me and already poured out real feelings. These boys are really smart. I'm a lot simpler, just have a dead look." Raymond joked: "Chok until death!"


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