Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tavia Yeung Makes Him Law Wait to Have Children

Yesterday Tavia Yeung and Roger Kwok led 30 TVB Artistes Training class students to record for Lunar New Year show TVB Golden Viva Spectacular. When asked about spending Valentine's Day with rumored boyfriend Him Law, Tavia did not respond directly: "To me, it is no different, every day is Valentine's Day. Just as long as I spend the holiday with my mom and family, then I don't split them up by friends or relatives. I love spending the holidays with a large group of friends." When asked if she plans on going for BBQ again? Tavia laughed: "Rarely do people go BBQ on Valentine's Day. That's too 'hot air', I still have to out for stage performances and take care of my voice. (Taking care of voice together in a two-person world?) Doesn't matter, I can spend a two-person world with my mom too." When speaking of Him Law mentioning he wants to have a baby sooner? Tavia changed the subject: "Welcome him over to Pay a New Year Call! ('Bai Lin')" Roger interrupted: "Accidents happen easily during Bai Lin!" Tavia shouted: "Touch wood!" She frankly expressed she likes children, but seeing so many parents stressed over 'snatching' for milk powder, its necessary for her to keep a 'lookout' first before considering to have children. Will Him Him have a long wait then? Tavia laughed: "Wait!"

Roger joked he already forgot about Valentine's Day. He currently sees his children as his lovers. When asked if his wife (Cindy Au) turned into a worker? Roger said: "My wife is a family member. Recently, I took her for dinner up at The Peak, to revisit our first Valentine's Day together. The first time I helped her get up top and we had Hainan chicken rice, but unfortunately she felt full at the time. After we had our son, we could only go to The Peak in the broad daylight and close our eyes to create the night sky." He expressed his wife didn't complained that they lost the romantic feeling.

Roger and Tavia, the two TV King and Queen, have never collaborated in a series before. Tavia expressed she's longing to play father and daughter with Roger! Roger wasn't upset and laughed: "Actually, over 10 years ago we had a scene together in At the Threshold of an Era. That time, Tavia was the receptionist and once I came out of the elevator, she attracted me by her 'Ahh!'. At the time, I already supported her to become a TV Queen one day!"

When speaking of the "Jan Ying this person acts alone" scene in Inbound Troubles suspected to be mocking politician Leung Chun Ying, Roger said: "When we were shooting this series, he wasn't the Chief Executive yet. I believe it was just a coincidence, otherwise the script can tell the future!"


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