Sunday, February 10, 2013

Him Law Spends Sweet Day in Disneyland with Toby Leung, No Fear of Jealous Girlfriend

Him Law and Tavia Yeung are currently working on new series The Hippocratic Crush II, this Valentine's Day, they can be dating at work on 'imperial orders', no wonder Him said he doesn't even have the Valentine's Day gift prepared yet.

Meanwhile, Him 'could careless' and goes to Disneyland with Toby Leung, where they enjoy the Valentine's Day atmosphere for a day. Him expressed they're just continuing their 'relationship' from their new series Season of Love which premieres on Monday: "It's just required for the series. In the series, we even have kiss scenes! Today, I told her to act a little more reserved, but Toby's too tomboy."

In Season of Love, Him plays a super star, who falls for Toby who is a freight van driver. Since this couple gives off a feeling like a fairy tale, that day Him and Toby to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the HK Disneyland theme park to get the Valentine's Day feel and to take 'couples' pictures.

Because this isn't their first time collaborating, it turns out they had already build the chemistry long ago, so there was no need for a warm up. Him said: "I have always been slow to get familiar, so if I don't know my partner very well, it's difficult for me to do the acting. However, Toby is like a man, there is nothing to hide, so we have no problem. It's difficult for partners not to have any interaction, I have the advantage because I understand her limits."

When ask about their kiss scenes? Toby said: "We do have some, but it's nothing strange, just superficial ones. When our co-star Kandy Wong saw us do the kiss scenes, she was like 'Wow', because newcomers have never really done a kiss scene before, so they just thought it was so amazing. Luckily me and Him are pretty good friends, even if we're not always partners, we click right away."


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