Monday, February 18, 2013

Bobby AuYeung Accepts Interview, Thankful Benjamin Yuen Rescued Him

Several days ago, Bobby Au-Yeung was sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because he fell unconscious. He suffered from acute pneumonia, but his condition has now stabilized and he's been transferred out of ICU. Yesterday Bobby accepted an interview with Maria Lai and recalls what happened.

Bobby expressed the doctor has checked his blood pressure and lungs, and he's doing physical therapy every day to speed up the recovery process. When asked what was the last memory he had before he went unconscious? Bobby recalled: "I just remember my group of friends were taking pictures. I really can't remember anything else. Later, my wife told me the story. At the time, I was sitting on the sofa alone and it appeared I fell asleep. Michael Tao thought I was drunk and needed a nap, so he came over to wake me up (*coughs*). What he saw was I had white eyes and muscle cramps. Luckily, I had several friends who were professionals, such as a gynecologist, police officer and one friend learned CPR before and they were all there. Benjamin Yuen was just amazing, he rushed into the restroom to wash his hands, then he gave me his finger to bite on. He told me not to bite my tongue. Perhaps because I had a little flu and drank alcohol, so once I coughed, the liquid went into my lungs and caused my unconsciousness."

Wasn't Breathing, Could Have Died

Bobby disclosed when he got to the hospital, he wasn't capable of breathing on his own and needed the paramedics to give him oxygen. Still lingering in fear, Bobby said: "It was terrible, I was really about to die. I was in the ER from 2am until the afternoon of the next day, a total of 12 hours. The doctor said I had a 'big life', luckily I was strong and was able to regain consciousness. Otherwise, I would've been in a coma and the condition could have worsen. I really picked my life back up this time, really have to thank my wife and friends for overcoming this rough period with me." Reportedly, the actual cause of Bobby's illness was because he was "violently drinking" and he's trying to conceal the truth. Bobby said: "The fact is I did drink, but I didn't drink that much. Its just because I was too tired, I have heavy screen time in Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate." Bobby also disclosed, there were a few times when he was filming in the studio, he had severe chest pain from smelling the strong paint thinner odor. He said: "I was even joking about it, if something happens to me, then send me to get my arteries widened (angioplasty). Esther Kwan said I'm so despicable, how can I die that easily?"

Next Time Suck on the Toes Instead of Finger

Reporters contacted Benjamin Yuen, who rescued Bobby that night and is currently working on the new series with him. Benjamin said: "I've learned CPR before. At the time he couldn't breathe, so I tried to help him find a position where he could comfortably breathe, but I didn't dare to do too much on him. It's a human life! Later, he called to thank me and joked, next time don't use my finger, let him suck on my toes instead."

Good Friends Esther Kwan and Jessica Hsuan Visits

As for Bobby's good friends Esther Kwan and Jessica Hsuan visited him at the hospital. Esther brought a Get Well card with her, signed by the entire Reverse Three Lifetimes cast. Esther stayed with Bobby for about 30 minutes before rushing back to the set for continual shooting. She congratulated Bobby for getting through the difficult times and expressed Bobby is still very well-spirited, he's still joking around with her. It's just because he's still hooked on the tubes and he feels tired. It is clear he lost some weight and a beard is growing. Jessica Hsuan made a special trip back to HK to visit Bobby, she stayed at the hospital for 3 hours. Jessica said: "He's recovering well, he can even talk back to me now. He complained I didn't bring him a souvenir or any snacks. He has a tube up his nose and has definitely lost quite a bit of weight, but he doesn't look worn out. I told him to watch what he eats and exercise more. After all, we aren't 18 or 22 years old anymore."

Bobby's wife Rosanne Fu had a smile on her face, she revealed: "Bobby ate all his food." Bobby's manager Lydia expressed he probably can discharge in 3-4 days. She said: "I prayed for Bobby, he can now go to restroom and take showers. He's not having trouble breathing anymore, just some coughs. I contacted Reverse Three Lifetimes's producer and discussed the followup filming because there are still outdoor filming in East Dragon Island and Foshan."


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