Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fala Chen Too Busy Enjoying the Sun

This year TVB knew how to treat their employees well, aside from giving out bonuses, the company also gave out $50 'starting work' lucky packets and the boss Charles Chan Kwok Keung gave out $100 lucky packets. To celebrate TVB's 45th anniversary, there will be an additional $450 cash vouchers given out. The group of TVB artists said frankly there is more and more morale. Liza Wang took the 'led' on spreading the good news, she said on Weibo: "To all my TVB colleagues, hurry, head up to the 8th floor to the artistes department to get your New Year's lucky packets! We're rich! Happy Valentine's Day everyone."

Yesterday, the artists working at TVB City were really excited to hear the good news. TV King Wayne Lai expressed the relationship between an employee and the company, what's most important is to have mutual concern for one another. He also joked he hopes to open a foot massaging shop in TVB City, he laughed: "I'll shoot a few more series, hope to run the business myself, I'll be the boss and make even more money." Sire Ma expressed this is her first year getting lucky packets, she was especially excited: "Actually it's good luck, TVB already opened a 24 hour snack shop, getting to be a more and more humane company.

Christine Ng frankly expressed TVB gained a lot more of her loyalty, she disclosed her big ideas: "I hope TVB earns even more, next year start giving out $20,000 to their employees, that is the driving force and better morale. I'm very well behaved, I'll stay at TVB and continue to work hard. TVB, you are good. I hope ATV adds oil too."

Fala Chen was still unaware there was lucky packets given out, but she said: "That's very good luck. We help TVB make money, and they give some back to us. TVB invests a lot more into their series too, it's a healthy cycle." Also for CNY this year, Fala gets 3 days off for the first time and she went to enjoy the sun and beaches for a few days to recharge before getting back to work on new series Will Power.


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