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Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng - Uncovers Attack Strategy on Love

[Cover Story - Speaks out the Four Season Love Song] - Spring, the time of love when the heart beats rapidly, the feeling of first love; Autumn, the increasing warm atmosphere, the season of passionate love; Winter, the blooming [relationship] turns into exhaustion, how to keep the romance refreshing? Summer, the frozen heart, the time when love comes to an end. In the new romantic series Season of Love, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma are the leads in two of the four love stories. On the television screen, the four artists have portrayed several different love stories and became the gods and goddesses in the hearts of fans. Gods and Goddesses need love too, but exactly what kind of love are the four leads searching for? Fans, remember to grab your seats, sit tight and pay close attention to your idols, as they uncover their attack strategies on love.

Kate Tsui - One Concentrated Heart

In the series, Kate plays a reality TV show producer and also one of the leads on the dating show. In the show four men actively pursues her at the same time and she accepts the love from all four of them. She simultaneously dates four men and chooses her husband right on the show (similar to The Bachelorette). Kate expressed its difficult for her to accept that kind of situation in real life, "If you just treat it as a show, then it's possible, but it is impossible to just rely on a TV show to find a husband. I don't really understand how a woman can be dating four men simultaneously? I don't think it can be possible. Every individual has a different standard. For me, I think if a girl gives a chance to so many different men at the same time, I really think there is a problem. I don't agree to that nor can I focus on so many different men. There should be a limit to everything. This is not how you should be giving chances to others and it is also unfair to each and every one of them. For me, I am very serious on my relationships, I won't play around."

Ron Ng - Memorable First Love, Rapid Heart Beats

Ron Ng plays Kate's childhood lover, their love sparked from bickering, but unfortunately because neither of them were unwilling to say 'I love you', their relationship didn't get anywhere. First love will always be memorable no matter how it ends, Ron expressed he still remembers the feeling of his heart racing when he saw his first love. "I remember when I was in elementary school, I liked a girl in the other class, every time I saw her, I would get so nervous and I always look at her secretly. However, I kept this feeling inside. When we were young, how would we know how to confess our feelings to a girl, we were really innocent. Two of my classmates started dating, they would just go to school together and get out of school together, they didn't even hold hands. So, when my crush and I advanced to the next grade, we didn't see each other again, unless it was at some big class event. But, I still remember that feeling clearly and was able to put it into good use when Kate and I were pretending to be school girl and boy."

Myolie Wu - Refreshing Feeling

Season of Love is a rare series with different stories, Myolie enjoys this format for a series because it brings a refreshing feeling to the audience. "I think these pure love stories are pretty good, every pair gets 5 episodes, the workload is not too heavy. Usually a 20 episode series may have several supporting stories too, this time the plot does still concentrates on Kenneth Ma and I, but the story doesn't need to display too much. There are a lot of refreshing and innovative plots, I think TVB should produce more of these kinds of series. As for my collaboration with Kenneth, of course I'm happy! He's a 'suen poon'! This is my first time portraying a couple with him, and I hope the audience will like this pairing and the sparks we create."

In the story, Myolie plays a girl searching for her loss memories, and asked Kenneth Ma, who plays a private detective, to help her. While the two were investigating, they slowly developed feelings, but unfortunately Myolie carried too many burdens and memories of her and her ex-lover. Because of this, she was unable to accept Kenneth's love. Myolie expressed in real life, she has her worries in her love life too, "It's hard to say if there are similarities between the characters in the story and our real lives. Letting go of the past relationship, but still have worries in starting a new relationship because the situations we face in reality varies. However, I take many factors into consideration because I am an artist, so I wish to really think clearly about my love life and make it perfect."

Kenneth Ma - True & False Love

Kenneth and Myolie's last collaboration was in 2006's To Grow with Love. Kenneth expressed its a joy working with Myolie again because he can finally 'date' her! "Last time, the story was about me pursuing Myolie, but this time I'm finally successful. It's not often to be so happy when filming a series. I requested the producer to give us a kiss scene, haha!" Kenneth and Myolie had a pleasant collaboration, no wonder Kenneth didn't find it difficult portraying a man giving up his ex-lover to bitterly wait for Myolie to accept his love. Kenneth said: "In reality, if I really liked a girl and she isn't ready to be with me yet, I am also willing to wait for her. I won't be so stubborn with my ex-girlfriend and I still maintain a friendship with my ex-girlfriends, just like my first love is already married now, but I still keep in touch with her. I know she found her other half who is better than me, I am happy for her and feel relieved."

Although Kenneth was happy to have the opportunity to 'date' Myolie, but when they were filming, the magazines reported he was the third party in Myolie and Bosco Wong's relationship and was the one who cause their break up. This made the public dislike Kenneth. He said: "There will be rumors in this industry, I don't mind. Just as long as the magazine's stories aren't too complicated, and won't affect other people, then it's fine. However, that time when Myolie and I were rumored, it was a little awkward because the article said they broke up because of me. Because the rumor involved breaking up another couple, I didn't think that was too good. If my rumored partner is single and not married, then I don't mind being a rumored couple with them. Sometimes rumored couples get more opportunities to make extra income, such as shooting commercials together."


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