Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kenneth Ma Surrounded by Rumors Natalie Tong, Eliza Sam, Rebecca Zhu

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Fala Chen attended the press conference for Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013. It was rumored Kenneth have been in a secret relationship with his 'god sister' Natalie Tong for 3 months. Kenneth thought the rumor was really funny: "I just think of it as series promotion. Natalie called and asked me, 'We've dated for 3 months?' I want to thank the magazines for putting me on the headlines, but this wasn't exclusive news, many other newspapers took pictures of Natalie and I eating at Jazz Lam's restaurant. Of course Natalie is a good girl, but I'm not sure who she has a relationship with, I rarely ask about her love life."

Kenneth then exposed his next rumor is going to be Eliza Sam, "Since we finished shooting Triumph in the Skies II, recently we went BBQing at the director's house during the Lunar New Year holiday. It was just catching up with colleagues and I don't have a car to take her home or anything. Perhaps the media got photos of us together. Yesterday a reporter asked me about how I feel about Eliza, I answered she's a very good girl! You all are even more concerned about my love life than my mother."

Reporters contacted Eliza Sam yesterday, she expressed the day of the BBQ wasn't Valentine's Day. When asked how she feels about Kenneth? She said: "Hahaha, he's a very nice and good person. (Any chance of developing further?) Didn't think about it, I heard a lot of girls think he's a 'suen poon', but I just came back from overseas and I'm not sure of his background. No way? It's my turn now? (referring to rumors) Honestly, it's not a problem, when I entered the industry, I was already prepared for rumors."

Kenneth's rumored girlfriend Rebecca Zhu, was asked what she thought of Kenneth and Eliza as a couple? She said over the phone: "Ask them. (Jealous?) Why? I don't even have the time because of work. I haven't seen him (Kenneth) in a while, but I did send him Lunar New Year blessings via SMS. He's a very filial and good person, a 'suen poon'! (Develop further?) Leave it to fate."

As for 2005 MCI second runner-up Fala Chen, this year she'll be serving as one of the judges. She laughed: "Just in a blink of an eye and I'm a See Jeh (senior). This time, I'm in control of [the contestants] life or death! So much pressure!" Contestant #9 Jacky Cai from Melbourne physical appearance resembles actress Alice Chan. Jacky also got the first award "The Media's Most Popular Contestant". She said: "I look a little like Alice and there are others who say I look like Oscar Leung. They are both beautiful and handsome people." Hong Kong representative #5 Carat Cheung hopes to leave a deep impression on viewers.

The MCI 2013 final is held this Sunday, February 24th. Besides the announcement of the winner, first and second runner-ups, this year there will also be a new award entitled "The Star of Tomorrow". That night the MCs are Eric Tsang, Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan.


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