Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ada Choi Inspired by Daughter, Designs Own Children Clothing Brand

Pregnant Ada Choi appeared dressed in a beach outfit with her husband and daughter, along with a group of kids to shoot a commercial for a new line of children clothing. Ada expressed this is her first time making a business investment, she frankly expressed her daughter gave her the inspiration. It turns out, today's children really have their own opinions too and love to match their own outfits. Ada's daughter is just 21 months old, but she's already picking out her own clothes and shoes. Ada laughed and exposed her daughter doesn't let her choose her outfits: "There is a pair of shoes, I have no way of getting her to wear them. She just keeps shouting 'No! No! No!' Some clothes when she puts them on, she takes one look at it and if she doesn't like, she'll take it off immediately!" This gave Ada the idea to create a line of children clothing, so children can take the lead and put their dreams to work. Because Ada personally loves to draw, she spent several months during her pregnancy to design children clothing and will be launching her very own brand in August. When asked how much she invested into this business? Ada expressed she initially planned for 7 figures, but with her husband daughter's support, she expressed at least a 10 million investment. She praised her daughter for inheriting her parent's character, she loves to look at herself in the mirror. However, yesterday when she was shooting the commercial with her daughter and the rest of the kids, they got her running around and gave her a headache. Also, her unborn baby is starting to kick her, so she felt exhausted and had to take several breaks.


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