Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gregory Lee Accused of Having a 2 y/o Daughter, Taking Legal Action

Yesterday a magazine accused Gregory Lee for having a 2 year old daughter. In response, Gregory madly scolded the magazine on Weibo: "They clearly knew the 2 year old was my friend's daughter and they still reported that she's my daughter, then why does the media need to ask me? I just think that is truly despicable. I'm discussing with my lawyer right now, we will definitely take this to the end!" He said he has nothing to hide, if he does get married and have children, he will announce the good news. Gregory said: "Having a baby is a happy thing, why would I try to hide it? Also, the Shirley [Yeung] incident was huge, the media followed me day and night, if I really did have a daughter, then how would it not be known? It would have been exposed long ago! Just making up stories!"


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