Friday, February 8, 2013

Ivana Wong Puts TV Series Aside, Concentrates Entirely on Singing

Lately, the popular TVB series Inbound Troubles has got the entire cast on a popularity rise. It was announced the series is going to have a sequel and a film edition. As one of the female leads, "Cousin Ching Ching" Ivana Wong expressed she temporarily will not be shooting TV series, instead she will concentrate 100% on being a singer. She wants to focus on the launch of her new album. In June, she'll be participating in a musical. Seems like it's going to be unlikely to have the original cast in the sequel, Wong Cho Lam will really have to spend more time trying to persuade her to come back to the team.

Ivana expressed: "I will temporarily not be shooting TV series because I have a musical in June, Little Hong Kong Season 4 to work on. It's another comedy as well. I discovered I really like watching comedies, after watching Inbound Troubles, the series was actually really funny. I didn't realize how funny it was while we were filming. (Consider being part of the sequel?) Didn't think about that. We, artists, have a discussion forum and often joke about having many seasons to this series, just like American series Friends, which had like over 10 seasons. (Apparently there is going to be a Qing dynasty version and a film edition of the series?) I don't know, the was an artist on the discussion forum mentioning about Food for Slaves, but I want to concentrate on music first, unless there really is a sequel. The film edition, I know they have this idea, but I don't know if it will actually happen. Just leave it to Wong Cho Lam to handle everything, he started the whole thing. I don't currently have any thoughts, just remember to watch Inbound Troubles. One night, I had to go out on a business trip and couldn't go on, so I asked a colleague to record the episode for me. I'm afraid of missing out on what's happening."

Surprised by the power of TV Series

Ivana was surprised by the power of TV series, when she first heard her colleagues mention it, she didn't really believe it. Ivana said: "It is all true, my colleagues said before once the series broadcasts, everyone will call me 'Ching Ching'. Earlier when I was at the airport, someone came up to me and said: 'Ching Ching, you came back to HK!' That moment, I didn't know if I should have used my own voice or Ching Ching's voice to respond to her. I really felt the closeness, suddenly felt the distance between me and HK audience had been pulled closer. It's like we became a big family. The power of Inbound Troubles covers all of HK. (Did you get any extra jobs?) I asked my company before, but perhaps I'll just wait for Wong Cho Lam to lead us for a Oh Baby - Classic Song Remembrance Night."

'Brother Song' Actually Dedicated to Ivana's Actual Brother

Actually, Ivana continued to collaborate with the Inbound Troubles cast, such as in her latest album released on Feb. 7th, she recorded a song with 'Chiu Chiu' Louis Cheung entitled Flower of Life (生命之花). Ivana expressed: "When we were filming the series, I listened to Louis' first composed work, coincidentally he was 'Chiu Chiu' and I was 'Ching Ching', the feeling from the song was so romantic and the melody was moving. I suggested that I should be the female lead in his MV. He then changed the arrangement of the song into a duet version. (Will the songs from Inbound Troubles be released?) My first song in the series Brother Song (哥歌) was written for Roger Kwok to sing, but in reality the song was written for my real brother. I will be coming up with new lyrics and record a new version for my Mandarin album. Love will be the new theme. I also know Netizens have praised that the 2 minute Cantonese version was really good. I hope to release a full version when the finale airs, so everyone can enjoy it."


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