Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kate Tsui Ready to get Married in the Year of Snake

Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui collaborate once again as a couple in Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong 2013. The 'sexy goddess' Veronica Yip also makes a comeback as a guest star, however the two have no fate to meet. Kate plays Veronica's younger version, although she clearly knows their body figures are 'total opposites', Kate joked she's considered the 'pre-puberty version', she laughed: "I'm the Veronica from 30 years ago, at the time she still hasn't gone through full puberty yet, but I do need to 'package' myself a little too."

Bosco is currently single, is it because he's frightened by the rumors with Mainland actress Ada Lin? He declared he does not want 'peach blossom' fate in the Snake year, "I plan to put a iron tree up this year because its difficult for iron trees to blossom. (Are you waiting for Myolie Wu?) She's not a bus, waiting for a breakthrough in my career, working hard!"

Kate is also single, but she has a different thought than Bosco. She expressed if she finds her Mr. Right, she'll get married this year. Kate said: "I'll be married within 3 months, then I'll have a baby and then immediately retire too." She admits she currently does have a pursuer, but he's not right for her. As for her criteria in choosing a boyfriend, she wants someone older than her and he must be financially stabled.


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