Thursday, February 14, 2013

Super Dry Kenneth Ma Celebrates 39th Birthday with Pizza & Soccer

TVB Siu Sang Kenneth Ma still haven't settled down after breaking up with Nancy Wu. Even if his friends tried to introduce girls to him, he still expressed he wants to buy a home first before pursuing any girls. The day before was Kenneth's 39th birthday. He had a hot pot celebrated with good friend Jazz Lam and rumored couple Natalie Tong and Stephen Wong. The group also ordered a pizza delivery, Kenneth was seen concentrated only on his food and didn't have much interaction with his female friends. He was just constantly taking slices of pizza and taking big bites. Rumored couple Natalie and Stephen, sat next to each other, and chatted nonstop.

Kenneth later discovered reporters were taking pictures, then he threw his arm around Jazz and Natalie and smiled for the cameras. When asked if its because he didn't have a girlfriend, so had to celebrate with Jazz and them? He laughed: "We're just having New Year's dinner." Jazz added: "We're celebrating his birthday, so had hot pot and pizza." With that said, Jazz pretended to give the birthday boy a kiss on the lip. Kenneth expressed he won't have another celebration because he had to rush home to watch the football (soccer) game. What a dry Kenneth, ending up home alone.


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