Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rain Li: "Raymond Lam Secret" Affectionate in a Mushy Way

Raymond Lam and Karena Ng's are passionately in love, Raymond calls his girlfriend "BB", extremely mushy. Raymond's first girlfriend Rain Li, accepted a radio interview yesterday and admitted she dated Raymond before. The 'Raymond-Rain' relationship finally surfaces after 12 years.

Rain first sent her blessings to Raymond and Karena, and then exposed back then, she and Raymond were forced to take their relationship underground: "Very courageous, nowadays, artists can make many things public. It's a lot happier than before. Back then, we were too young, my company didn't want us to go public, so we never admitted it." When asked if she feels bitter? Rain encouraged herself: "Nope, that was back in ancient times, I will have to work harder too!"

When asked if Raymond called her "BB" back then? Rain revealed a very sweet smile: "Nope, but he had another nickname for me. I won't tell you though! (Honey?) Couples cannot get away from those mushy things." Rain expressed she and Raymond were both busy with their own careers and haven't really kept in touch, but it's all in the heart. Many of her ex-lovers are settling down, but Rain said with an open-mind: "Some things are the past, just leave it in the past. The past is the past and that just means we weren't right for each other. When I dated in the past, the relationships weren't really valued as much, but now I want to be certain first." Rain implied she has many pursuers, a few days ago, a mysterious person sent her a bunch of roses. Looks like there is hope that she'll part from single hood.


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