Monday, February 4, 2013

Raymond Lam Hears 'Lightning Marriage' Rumor, Sneaks a Sweet Smile

In the past, Raymond Lam takes all of the news targeted towards him calmly, but yesterday when he promoted for his new album at the radio station, he was asked about his latest rumor with Karena Ng. It was rumored the two went through a 'lightning marriage' and he's taking Karena home in Xiamen to meet his family. It was also said his father dislikes Karena and Virgina Lok is trying to break them up. During the short 13 minute interview, Raymond had a lot of small gestures and incoherent speech. He was stuttering through the Q&A session.

LF - Raymond Lam ; R - Reporter

R: Congrats on your lightning marriage!

LF: (laughs) I just found out when someone sent me a SMS. That's so funny, it's getting way out of control. Why is it like this?

R: Perhaps because you two really match. Already met the parents? Have you printed the wedding invitations yet?

LF: You all just saw Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung's secret marriage, and now you're dragging me into it.

R: You look so sweet when BB is mentioned?

LF: (hands together, sweet smile) Huh! Facing you guys, of course I'm smiling, should I be crying then?!

R: Have you thought of getting married soon?

LF: (starts stuttering) Huh, in the past not related. Really? What are you talking about?

R: It was said you went for a lightning marriage, [Karena] already met your parents in Xiamen?

LF: (pretends to be calm) Huh! No, there are no such plans, that is so funny!

R: No plans, but Karena already met the parents?

LF: (covers face) No, no, no.

Didn't What To Do, Playfully Slaps Reporter

R: Make it clear, are you and Karena really dating? You can just say no, then all the mysteries are uncovered!

LF: (thought for a moment, then covers face) Aiya, I don't know... I don't know.

R: Not sure if it's real?

LF: (smile forms from corner of mouth, covers face for 3rd time and can't sit still) You're killing me.

R: Dating is a happy thing!

LF: (suddenly turns serious) But really, don't get my family involved. Some of the stories are completely ridiculous. Really don't be like that. It's not funny.

R: Dating is the truth? Family not involved is the truth?

LF: (4th time covers face, bitter smile) Aiya!

R: Who is BB? Karena Ng?

LF: (5 second thinking Chok face) Let me go, I mean I hope... just let me go. (rubs eye, continues sweet smile).
[* FYI: Raymond also mentioned sometime in the interview, the "BB" he referred to was his sister's baby.]

R: Be more straightforward, just admit it.

LF: Why are there a chain of interesting rumors lately. First they said I'm quitting, then I'm retiring and now I'm married.

R: What's the truth then?

LF: (smiles sweetly and starts blushing, playfully slaps reporter) I don't know, no....

R: Usually you're face turns black when you talk about these things, but today you're full of smiles.

LF: It's the New Year, shouldn't have a black face. (5th time cover face)

Defends Future In-Laws

R: You're company won't allow you to talk about it?

LF: (eyes get big) No, my company doesn't bother with their artists' family matters.

R: Will you interfere in her (Karena) company?

LF: No,no,no. I don't know , don't ask me.

R: It was rumored your father dislikes BB (Karena)?

LF: (sincere smile, thought for a moment) So that's why I said, the previous reports got my family involved and the stories are so ridiculous.

R: Because you really like her?

LF: (hand on face, speechless)

R: Got BB's family involved, do you feel sorry?

LF: Yeah pretty sorry, because there are a lot of false news, just making up anything. Don't be like that.

R: The BB we're talking about is Karena Ng? Do you have to answer the question again?

LF: Yes, yes. Sorry.

R: Do you have to apologize to Uncle and Auntie?

LF: me out, don't make up stories.

No Plans for Valentine's Day

R: Did you already buy the coconuts (used for marriage)?

LF: (super sweet smile) Don't play, you all are forcing me so much I'm planning to retire.

R: How are you spending Valentine's Day?

LF: Didn't think about it, I'm not sure if I have to work on that day.

R: No matter who you are dating, will you make it public?

LF: My personal life had never involved my work life.

R: Does Miss Lok know you're dating?

LF: (serious thought for 5 seconds) If I am dating...she would know, so you ask her.


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