Saturday, February 16, 2013

Karena Ng First Public Appearance as Raymond Lam's Girlfriend: He's Attentive & Responsible

Yesterday Karena Ng attended a fashion event after her trip to Tokyo with boyfriend Raymond Lam. This is her first public appearance since Raymond announced their relationship. When Raymond was mentioned, Karena appeared nervous the whole time and stuttered. When asked about her first Valentine's Day with Raymond, she revealed they had dinner in Causeway Bay, "There were other friends too, we had a great time together. It feels kinda boring with just the two of us. (What kind of gift did you get?) Didn't get one yet." Earlier Raymond mentioned he wanted to publicly hold his girlfriend's hand and walk down Causeway Bay, asked if they held hands on Valentine's Day? Sh said: "No, want to keep a low-profile relationship."

In regards to their Tokyo trip, Karena expressed she told her parents about it beforehand and she had a pleasant several day trip. Asked if she minds the trip being called their 'honeymoon'? Karena said: "Actually, there were a few other friends that went with us, but we departed from different locations." Asked who stayed with her in the hotel room? She stuttered: "There were men and women, this is too personal, I don't want to talk about it, but we stayed in separate rooms." When asked if she and Raymond stayed in separate rooms? She nodded implying yes. She added: "This time, our trip primarily revolved around eating. (Paid separately?) Friends eating together, each took turns to pay for the bill."

Fans tracked them throughout their trip, Raymond's boarding pass was even posted on the internet. Karena defended her boyfriend: "That is too personal, that is not the right thing to do. It's fine to take pictures." Also, she denied she visited Raymond's family in Xiamen, but admitted she did send new year greetings to them through the phone, she said: "Let nature take its course, no rush at all."

Raymond said its because of his girlfriend and family that he decided to announce the relationship without notifying anyone. Karena frankly expressed she did not know Raymond would make their relationship public, but she is grateful that he defended and clarified for her. She said: "I really admire him because of this. I never thought he would say such thing, so I was surprised when I heard about it, but I'm happy. (Raymond's fans complained?) In anything, there will always be people that like and dislike. There are times for work and times to relax, that is very normal. (You are the first girlfriend Raymond announced while still in the relationship?) I'm happy. (He's responsible?) He has always been, really has the sense of responsibility. He takes good care of his friends." When asked if the love sparked while they were filming together? She emphasized from the time they met to when they started dating, it was all taken one step at a time, it was not sudden and unexpected. What about Raymond's pursuit tactics? She said: "I'll keep this to myself, a small secret." What kind of strengths does Raymond have? Karena sweetly smiled: "He's attentive, treats his friends well and most importantly, a man should have a sense of responsibility." When speaking of their large age gap, Karena expressed she has no problem communicating with Raymond, "His personality is a lot like a child, he loves toys and games. The things he likes and topics, we can communicate. (Filming together as a couple team?) I don't know, let my company make the arrangements."


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