Sunday, February 3, 2013

Roger Kwok Hopes Wife can be like Veronica Yip 18 Years Later

The cast of Lunar New Year film I Love Hong Kong 2013 including Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Evergreen Mak, Veronica Yip and Stanley Fung were recording for new year's food program New Spring Menu 2013. Veronica brought her daughter (Victoria) with her to the set, she claimed she has cooking talent. "When I was young, I would bake banana bread and cookies, and cook fried rice. After marriage, I lived in the US and was afraid of the oil and smoke smell. It's been a long while since I've been in the kitchen. I usually let my domestic worker do the cooking. But I have two kitchens at my house and its filled with uncooked food. My friends always get frightened seeing so many uncooked food sitting in the kitchen, but its all just furnishings for a show room. The other kitchen is actually used for cooking."

Veronica's 13 year old daughter also likes to cook, sometimes she would bake some cookies, but Veronica does not dare to let her daughter touch the wok. "My daughter complained that I don't go into the kitchen, and other mothers are really good cooks."

In the past, Roger and Veronica collaborated at a stage performance in Atlantic City. They meet again after 18 years and were very happy to each one another. Roger praised Veronica still has an awesome body figure even after having 3 kids. "I watch my wife Cindy Au having such a hard time exercising, I guess it was just as difficult for Veronica to lose weight. If my wife can work out and become like Veronica 18 years later, then that would be wonderful." He anticipates to work with Veronica in a series, "She doesn't necessarily have to be an elegant lady, she can be a vegetable or fish lady running a peddler. Let her demonstrate her acting skills. I can be the supervisor of the peddler."


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