Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nick Cheung Orders Bobby Au Yeung: No Drinking for Rest of the Year

Its the 5th day since Bobby Au-Yeung been admitted to the hospital. He is doing better and has been transferred out of the ICU. Yesterday his manager (Lydia) and his wife (Rosanne) brought beef and ginger soup lunch boxes with them to visit Bobby at the hospital. They revealed Bobby is now able to get out of bed to brush his teech and take a shower. He's getting his blood pressure checked and doing physical therapy now, but Bobby just had pneumonia, asked why he has to do physical therapy? Rosanne expressed: "It's something to do with medial, I'm not too sure."

TVB producers Chan Ka Shu and Chong Wai Kin, and Bobby's good friend Nick Cheung visited him yesterday afternoon. Nick stayed with Bobby several hours, he expressed Bobby is doing well: "I told him, he just escaped from calamity and should feel the blessing. His body gave him a warning, so he cannot drink for the rest of he year. Bobby frowned and said he feels like he's in jail." He expressed his wife, Esther Kwan, was initially going to visit Bobby with him, but unfortunately she had to work and couldn't make it.


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