Thursday, February 28, 2013

Louise Lee believes family is work

Award-winning Hong Kong actress Louise Lee revealed that family is not strictly dependent on blood ties, but is shaped through hard work such as interactions and communications between people.

According to Jayne Stars, Louise is currently starring in "Reality Check", where she plays the biological mother of Owen Cheung and the adopted mother of Ruco Chan. However, her relationship with her adopted son is better than her relationship with her biological son, which prompted reporters to ask her the question.

An example of the point that Louise made is her close relationship with her sister. Even though the two live far apart, they made efforts to go on vacations together. Louise is also happy that her daughter Leslie Yip is independent, never relying on her mother's celebrity connections and only needing her when she [Leslie] was divorced.

Louise elaborated, "For many years, I never had to worry about her. The only time she needed me by her side was when she was divorced. Now that she has remarried and the couple is happily working together at A1 Chinese Radio, I don't have to worry. She never asked me for a single cent."

Louise is also a mother to two non-human children, which are her adopted dogs, Milk Tea and Man Man. The two came to be when she was recuperating from cervical cancer a decade ago, to keep her company at home when her family was not there.


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